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Dorma headquarters in Ennepetal, Germany

Dorma was a German company that produces door technology systems and allied products. It merged with Kaba Holding in September, 2015 and became part of Dormakaba Group[1].


Dorma was founded by Wilhelm Dörken and Rudolf Mankel as Dörken & Mankel KG in Ennepetal, Germany, in 1908.[2] The family business is managed by owner Karl-Rudolf Mankel in third generation. As part of succession planning, previous sole Dorma proprietor Karl-Rudolf Mankel transferred the majority of his shareholding to his daughters Christine and Stephanie in March 2009.

The Dorma Group had a workforce of approximately 6,500 employees and closed fiscal year 2009/10 with a business volume of 856,4 Mill. EUR.[citation needed]

In April 2015, Dorma Holding announced a planned merger with Swiss-based Kaba Group.[3], the group went onto become Dormakaba Group

Structure and organization[edit]

The company is divided into six divisions: Door Control, Automatics, Glass, Movable Walls, Security Systems & Trade Counters. Dorma’s head office in Ennepetal controls 69 wholly owned companies in 45 different countries. Its major production plants are located in Europe, China, Malaysia, North and South America.

Product range[edit]

  • Door control: door closers, door furniture and fittings, window handles, hinges and locks
  • Automatics: automatic door operators, sliding doors, swing doors and revolving doors, automatically operated sliding glass panel partitions
  • Glass: fittings, door and side panel rails, locks
  • Security: access control systems, security door fittings, emergency exit control systems, lock and electric keeps, security and detection systems
  • Movable-Walls: sound-insulating walls, sound-insulating movable glasswalls


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