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Scientific classification e
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Nematoda
Class: Enoplea
Subclass: Dorylaimia
Inglis, 1983

Dorylaimia is a subclass of nematodes.


In general, members of subclass Dorylaimia exhibit a great diversity of terrestrial and freshwater species, most of which are large predators or omnivorous free-living species. Some are plant parasites whereas others are animal parasite (Trichinellida and Mermithida). No members of the Dorylaimia are found in marine habitats. Dorylaimia bears an odontostyle, a protrusible, hollow, needlelike tooth for puncturing and emptying food items.


Phylogenetic analysis of phylum Nematoda suggests three distinct basal clades, the dorylaims, enoplids and chromadorids.[1] These represent Clades I, II and C+S of Blaxter (1998).[2] Of these, the first two appear to have sister clade status, allowing resolution into two classes, Enoplea and Chromadorea, and division of the former into two subclasses corresponding to Clades I and II respectively, the Enoplia and Dorylaimia. Nevertheless the possibility remains that dorylaimia will eventually be shown to be a distinct third class of nematode.[3]


Phylogenetic analysis has resulted in a reorganisation with, for instance moving Triplonchida to sublass Enoplia.

Subclass Dorylaimia is divided into the following orders;


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