Dos (Altered State album)

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Altered State dos.jpg
Studio album by Altered State
Released October 5, 1993
Genre Progressive rock, hard rock, heavy metal
Length 73:00
Label Warner Bros.
Producer Ben Grosse
Altered State chronology
Altered State
(1991)Altered State1991
Singles from ":[dos]:"
  1. "Strong As I Am"
    Released: 1993
  2. "Life On A Skateboard"
    Released: 1994
  3. "Darkness Visible"
    Released: 1994

:[dos]: is the second studio album released by the American progressive rock band Altered State.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "This Just Might Take Me Down" (Gregory Markel, Mathewson)
  2. "I Wish It Would Rain" (Markel)
  3. "Life on a Skateboard" (Markel)
  4. "Where Is Harrison Ford?" (Edwards, Markel, Mathewson, Moreland)
  5. "Angst" (Markel)
  6. "Made of Gasoline" (Markel, Mathewson)
  7. "Strong as I Am" (Markel, Putnam, Licther, Ramsey)
  8. "If the World..." (Markel)
  9. "The Waking Dream" (Edwards, Markel, Mathewson)
  10. "Licking the V..."(Markel, Mathewson)
  11. "Darkness Visible" (Edwards, Markel)
  12. "Thinkin' 'bout Movin' to a Catatonic State" (Edwards, Markel)
  13. "Machines in Space" (Hidden Track)


  1. "Strong as I Am"
  2. "Life on a Skateboard"
  3. "Darkness Visible"


  • Gregory Markel – Lead Vocals, Various instruments.
  • Curtis Mathewson – guitar, bass, vocals, keyboards, programming.
  • Chip Moreland – drums, percussion, vocals.
  • Paul Edwards – bass, guitar.

Additional personnel[edit]

Additional information[edit]

Recorded at Music Grinder, Capitol Studios, Studio 55, Los Angeles, California; Pearl Sound Studios, Canton, Michigan.

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