Dothan Valley

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Coordinates: 32°26′N 35°13′E / 32.43°N 35.22°E / 32.43; 35.22 Dothan Valley (Hebrew: עמק דותןEmek Dothan, also called Sahl Arraba Arabic: سهل عرّابة‎), is a fertile tectonic valley in the northern Samaria. The region is about eleven kilometers long and four kilometers wide. There are several Palestinian towns located near in and around the valley, including Arrabah, Bir al-Basha, Burqin, Yabad, Qabatiya and Kufeirit.[1] There is also an Israeli settlement there - Mevo Dotan.

Dothan Valley is mentioned in the Bible as the site where Joseph was sold by his brothers.[2]

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