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 • Arabic قباطية
Qabatiya general view (Eastern field)
Qabatiya general view (Eastern field)
Qabatiyah is located in the Palestinian territories
Location of Qabatiyah within the Palestinian Territories
Coordinates: 32°24′34.39″N 35°16′51.17″E / 32.4095528°N 35.2808806°E / 32.4095528; 35.2808806Coordinates: 32°24′34.39″N 35°16′51.17″E / 32.4095528°N 35.2808806°E / 32.4095528; 35.2808806
Governorate Jenin
 • Type Municipality
 • Head of Municipality Mr. Ali Zakarneh
 • Jurisdiction 50,547 dunams (50.55 km2 or 19.52 sq mi)
Population (2007)
 • Jurisdiction 19,197

Qabatiya (Arabic: قباطية‎, also spelled Qabatia and Qabatiyah; Hebrew: קבטיה) is a Palestinian city located in the Jenin Governorate in the northern West Bank 6 km south of Jenin. According to the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics (PCBS) census, the town had a population of 19,197 in 2007.[1]

Its total land area consists of 50,547 dunams and it is situated approximately 256m above sea level.[2] Qabatiya is famous for its olive groves, modern agriculture, and limestone industry. It is a part of the Jenin Governorate.

Salah al-Din mosque in the town of Qabatiya.
Teachers at the boys' high school, 1980.



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