Double Persephone

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Double Persephone
Cover of a copy of Double Persephone
Author Margaret Atwood
Cover artist Margaret Atwood
Country Canadian
Language English
Genre Poetry
Publication date

Double Persephone is a self-published poetry collection written by Canadian author Margaret Atwood in 1961.[1] Atwood handset the book herself with a flat bed press, designed the cover with linoblocks, and only made 220 copies.[2] It was the first publication released by Atwood, and comprises seven poems: "Formal Garden", "Pastoral", "Iconic Landscape", "Persephone Departing", "Chthonic Love", "Her Song", "and "Double Persephone".

The opening poem of Double Persephone, "Formal Garden," a "girl with the gorgon touch" walks through the title location searching for "a living wrist and arm", but all she finds is "a line of statues" with "marble flesh.[3] The girl apparently has traits similar to Medusa, who could turn men to stone by glancing upon them.[3]

Atwood followed up the collection with another book of poetry released in 1964, The Circle Game.[2]

Won the EJ Pratt medal.[4]


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