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Drasko Bogdanovic (or Draško Bogdanović, (Serbian Cyrillic: Драшко Богдановић, born in 1977) is a Canadian artist of Serb origin. He was born in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Yugoslavia. Bogdanovic is especially interested in portrait photography and homoeroticism. A classically trained musician and self-taught painter, he took up digital photography after emigrating to Canada in 1996.[1][2] An early fascination with Hollywood magazines and black & white photography influenced Bogdanovic to juxtapose classical posture with natural light in his male nude photography.[3] Today his landscape and architecture photography capture cities’ geometry, immutable personalities and intrinsic emotions; his photography has appeared in domestic newspapers and magazines and has been featured in local and national advertising campaigns.[4]

Introspectre, one of Bogdanović's most prominent works, was given the Award of Merit at The Ontario Society of Artist's Annual Exhibition in May 2008.[5]

Drasko Bogdanović is a regular columnist at Xtra!, Toronto's gay scene magazine.


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