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For a discussion of British and American spelling differences, see Draught and draft.

Draft or draught may mean:

  • Draft beer or other beverage, served from a bulk keg or cask rather than a bottle or can
  • The Draft, the American term for conscription, compulsory enrollment of persons especially for military service
  • Demand draft, a check created by a merchant with a buyer's account number on it, but without the buyer's signature

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  • Drafted 2007 comic released by Devil's Due Publishing
  • The Draft (comics), a 1988 one-shot comic book from Marvel Comics
  • The Draft (band), an American punk rock band
  • Drapht, an Australian hip hop singer
  • Draft 7.30, an album by British electronic band Autechre
  • WWE Draft, a World Wrestling Entertainment program which drafts superstars to different WWE brands
  • Draughts, board game, a.k.a. checkers

Other uses[edit]

  • Draft (engineering), the angle added to features perpendicular to the parting line of a casting or molding
  • Draft document, a version of an unfinished document or other written work
  • Banker's draft, a form of check where the funds are taken directly from the financial institution
  • Chimney draught, outgoing flow into chimney of gases from combustion
  • Mechanical draft, incoming flow of air to burn fuel for a boiler or engine
  • Sight draft, or time draft, an order for the payment of money by a banker
  • Vertical draft, vertical movement of air, which can be dangerous to airplanes.

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