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cokodeal LLC
FoundersMike Dola
Olufemi Aguda
Area served

Cokodeal is integrating Africa with the global economy. It is a marketplace E-commerce service that connects traders in Africa to the world. headquartered in Nigeria with reg no: 1165256.[1] The Cokodeal service helps connect African traders and customers.[2] With Cokodeal, individual users, organizations and businesses can create online stores to market African manufactured goods and services.[3] Its founders partnered with Neoteric a UK enterprise to handle its development and support. Presently, its major trading are in Ghana, Nigeria, Tanzania, South Africa, and Kenya.[4] Cokodeal is an avenue for African traders to meet global customers and make deals.[5]


Cokodeal was founded in 2012 by Mike Dola and launched in 2014. Using Nigeria as an Entry point to Africa,[6] then expanding to other African countries. took part in the US$1 million SpeedUPAfrica bootcamp held in Accra, hosted by DraperDarkFlow, 500startups, Singularity University. [7][dead link]


Cokodeal created a pan Africa commodity bank, it was created as a need for a platform that alleviates the challenges faced by people in Europe and other parts of the world in finding African traders [8] or African produced goods and services. To find businesses, products, quantity of goods and location.[9] Also coming to Africa, noted with vast resources of Africa, She cannot continue to be a consuming continent as it will not aid its growth. Hence there is need to show case to the world African goods.


It is designed to promote solely African local content.[10] i.e. African manufactured goods and services such as agricultural products, textile, crafts, art works, machines, minerals etc. Cokodeal facilitates African traders meeting customers,[11] it connects African traders to Africa and global markets.[12] It aims to solve some of the social challenges [13] also enables SMEs and businesses to leverage on its platform to save cost and reach new markets.[14] It serves as a market linkage for African businesses to trade internationally and develop its local content [15]

Nigeria business owner can market their made in Nigeria goods on cokodeal to access new markets.[16] However, the platform needs improvement in its layers and design layout, [17] It has recently been improved, with more improvement to come to better serve its users.

In recent economic times with the crash of oil derivatives in the global market, the diversification goal for African countries has become a core need, cokodeal has supported government Ministries, Development and Agencies (MDAs) to get procurement by sourcing international buyers for the local producers [18] also for international buyers [19]

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