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Helen Ruth Tibbo (b. 1955) is an American archivist, professor, author and speaker focusing on digital preservation in the archival profession.[1] She is known for her research and administration of digital curation. At the University of North Carolina, she developed the Archives and Records Management concentration - the first master's degree in the United States that focuses on digital curation - and has served as Director of the Professional Science Master's Degree in Digital Curation.[2]

Early life & education[edit]

Tibbo's ancestry dates back to the Mayflower with family ties to Miles Standish and John Alden.[3] She attended Bridgewater State College and graduated with a BA in English in 1977.[2][4] She taught junior college for several years before enrolling in graduate studies.[3] She earned a Master's in Library Science from Indiana University in 1983[4]. She then attended the University of Maryland where she obtained an MA in American Studies and a PhD in Library and Information Science which she earned in 1989.[2] Her doctoral dissertation focused on the topic "Abstracts, Online Searching, and the Humanities".[3]


Tibbo joined the teaching staff at the University of North Carolina School of Information and Library Science in 1989 where she has taught courses on archives, digital preservation, data curation and management.[2][5] In 2000, she began teaching Digital Preservation and Access, one of the first college courses to cover the topic.[3] Four years later she was appointed co-chair of the Digital Curation/Institutional Repositories Committee at the University of North Carolina, which involved the planning of UNC's institutional digital repository.[3]

Tibbo is the leading historian in crafting the archival studies program for both master's and doctoral students in the United States. She led the creation of administrating DigCCurr I and II which developed the curriculum for archival graduate students.[2][6] In April 2007, the DigCCurr conference brought almost 300 participants with 100 speakers from 10 countries.[7] She also directed ESOPI-21 (Edeucating Stewards of Public Information in the 21st Century), which helps prepare students for work in shaping public policy and preserving government records and data.[2] She continues to research digital curation practices and techniques for government and scientific utilization as well as using her research to better prepare students of archival methods and practices. In addition to her work at UNC, Tibbo collaborates with several universities and institutions, including the University of Michigan, the University of Toronto, Duke University, and the United Kingdom's Joint INformation Systems Committee and Digital Curation Center.[7][3][5]

Professional service[edit]

Tibbo has been a longtime member of the Society of American Archivists (SAA) and served as SAA Vice President from 2009-2010 and SAA President from 2010-2011.[2] She has been a member of several boards and committees, and co-founded the SAA Research Forum.[7] Tibbo also helped create a Digital Archives Specialist certificate program and helped update the Guidelines for Graduate Professional Archival Studies.[2]


Select publications[edit]

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