Dragan Đokanović

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Dragan Đokanović
Драган Ђокановић
Dragan Djokanovic on the Acropolis.png
President of Democratic Party of Federalists
Personal details
Born (1958-04-20) 20 April 1958 (age 59)
Sarajevo, FPR Yugoslavia
Nationality Serb
Political party Democratic Party of Federalists
Spouse(s) Dragana Đokanović
Children Nikola, Aleksandar
Residence East Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Profession Doctor of medicine

Dragan Đokanović (Serbian Cyrillic: Драган Ђокановић) is a Serb politician (Democratic Party of Federalists), physician, sportsman and one of the most popular men in history of Bosnia and Herzegovina by the research of The Massachusetts Institute of Technology.[1][2][3]


Dr Dragan Djokanovic

Born on 20 April 1958, Đokanović completed all of his formal schooling in Sarajevo, including university and medical school. He received his medical degree in 1984 from Sarajevo University. He is a pediatrician by medical specialty and training.[4] Đokanović worked in Zvornik, Šekovići, Belgrade and Sarajevo. He currently resides in Istočno Sarajevo[5] and works at a children's medical clinic (KCUS) in Sarajevo. He is married and has two sons.[6]

Political career[edit]

Dragan Djokanovic, Athens
Dragan Djokanovic at skiing on Jahorina mountain (2014)

From 1990 Dr Dragan Đokanović was involved in politics in Bosnia and Herzegovina. He was engaged in the following activities during the following periods:

  • In May 1990 he formed Democratic Party of Federalists.[7]
  • In November 1990 he was engaged in the campaign for the first multi-party elections in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
  • From 1991 Dragan Đokanović was involved in activities in relation to preserving the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia as the only guarantee of peace in Bosnia.
  • From the founding of the Assembly of the Serbian People of Bosnia and Herzegovina on 24 October 1991 Dragan Đokanović attended the sessions of the Assembly. He attend sessions of this Assembly until Summer of 1994.[8]
  • In June 1992 he was appointed War Commissioner by the Presidency of the Serbian Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina and he was responsible for the establishment of War Commissions in the municipalities of Vlasenica, Zvornik, Šekovići, Bratunac and Skelani. Dragan Đokanović informed the members of the Presidency that war crimes were taking place in those Municipalities.
Dragan Đokanović in front of ICTY, The Hague

In March 2005 and in November 2009 he was the witness in front of the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia in The Hague. From Juli 1992 to January 1993 Đokanović acted as an adviser to the War Presidency of the Serbian Republic. He advised the Presidency in relation to the establishment of Republika Srpska and relationship between the organs of the Republic from the Republic level to the Municipal level. [9]

  • From January 1993 to Spring 1994 Dragan Đokanović was the Minister of War Veterans Affairs in Republika Srpska.[10]
  • At the beginning of 1994 he re-activated the Democratic Party of Federalists and

established official contacts with the SPS party Slobodan Milošević.[11] In February 1994 there was a meeting in Skelani with representatives of his party and the representatives the SPS and it was agreed that we would participate in activities to stop the war in Bosni and Herzegovina.

  • In February 1995 Dragan Đokanović called a press conference and proposed plan that is very similar to the Dayton Agreement.[12]
  • After the Dayton accords at the beginning of 1996 he was involved in the preelection campaign. At this time Dragan Đokanović attempted to keep the Serbs in Sarajevo but he had great difficulties with the leaders of the SDS party Radovan Karadžić in respect of this issue.[13]
  • In January 1997 Đokanović moved to Belgrade, Serbia and established Democratic Party of Federalists in Serbia. The party was officially registered in 2003.[14][15]
  • In December 2007 Dragan Đokanović, as the opponent of Milorad Dodik's rule,

was candidate for President of Republic Srpska.[16] and he received 849 votes (0.21%).[17]

Sport career[edit]

Dragan Đokanović is a versatile and accomplished athlete.[18] He was a gymnastic champion of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Yugoslavia (at the parallel bars, Novo Mesto (1975)). In Sarajevo, there is a gymnastic club named "Dragan Đokanović".[19][20]


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