Drake Planetarium and Science Center

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Drake Planetarium & Science Center
LocationNorwood, Ohio
Coordinates39°09′37″N 84°27′24″W / 39.1602°N 84.4568°W / 39.1602; -84.4568
Visitors40,000 annually
OwnerTri-State Education & Technology Foundation

Drake Planetarium & Science Center is a 70-seat planetarium and science center located within Norwood High School in Norwood, Ohio, a city surrounded by Cincinnati. Drake Science Center is located on the first floor of Norwood Middle School. The facility is named after Dr. Frank Drake, in honor of his research on extra-terrestrial life.

The planetarium includes a 35-foot domed theater, featuring an analog Spitz system custom built in Germany, a high-definition full-dome projection system, and high efficiency LED flood lighting. The optical star projector and an immersive projection system produce a vibrant night sky and immersive full dome technology 180 degrees overhead.[1] Programs are available for audiences ranging from preschool age to senior citizens, and for two months of the year, the Drake Planetarium also houses a laser projection system used for special programming.[2]

Drake Planetarium & Science Center has been operated by Tri-State Education & Technology Foundation since 1982. This foundation is a nonprofit educational organization with the mission to provide STEM fields (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) learning experiences for the youth of Greater Cincinnati.[3]


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Coordinates: 39°09′37″N 84°27′25″W / 39.16025°N 84.45685°W / 39.16025; -84.45685