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Drawn from Bees
Drawn from Bees.jpg
Background information
Origin Brisbane, Australia
Genres Art rock Progressive rock
Years active 2008 - present
Labels Bonefinger Records
Website www.drawnfrombees.com

Dan James
Stew Riddle
Raven Jones

Matt Wedmaier

Drawn from Bees are an art rock band from Brisbane, Australia. The band is composed of Dan James (lead vocals, guitar), Stew Riddle (bass guitar, vocals), Raven Jones (lead guitar, keyboard, vocals) and Matt Wedmaier (drums, vocals). Drawn from Bees are signed to local Brisbane-based record label, Bonefinger Records distributed via MGM Distribution.


Forming in April 2008 out of the ashes of a ten-year stint as progressive rock band, Glasshouse,[1] Drawn from Bees launched their first EP, The Boy and the Ocean less than four months later.[2][3][4] Since this time, Drawn from Bees have carved out a niche as one of the most engaging new art rock bands emerging from Australia[citation needed].

In March 2009, the band released their second record, a mini-album entitled And the Blind Shall Lead the Way, which has garnered widespread praise from the music press.[5][6][7] The band has also been featured on Richard Kingsmill's flagship Triple J radio show, 2009,[8] as well as having single 'Long Tooth Setting Sun' added to rotation.[citation needed] The band also won a Triple J Unearthed competition to play the Valley Fiesta.

In October 2009, Drawn from Bees released their third record, The Sky is Falling, an EP containing a series of vignettes revolving around a central theme of the sky falling down, touring throughout Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia. The band spent the remainder of 2009 in the studio, preparing their debut full length record.

In April 2010, the band were invited to showcase at Musexpo Los Angeles, followed by showcases at Music Matters, Hong Kong and Musexpo Europe. The debut LP, Fear Not the Footsteps of the Departed is due for release on 21 May via Bonefinger Records/MGM Distribution.

Drawn from Bees are part of the musical community that centres in Fortitude Valley, an inner-city suburb of Brisbane, Australia. Drawn from Bees have a strong presence within this musical context, playing regularly at iconic venues such as The Troubadour and Rics Cafe, as well as being labelled 'a band of note'[9] at the 2009 Gold Coast V Festival.


Art rock, while often used interchangeably with progressive rock[10] is a unique form of rock that has come into its own[11][12] as a style that is intended for 'listening and not dancing'.[13]

The art rock sound that is purveyed by Drawn from Bees combines elements of contemporary art and literature with rock music, a movement that can be traced back to the 70's and 80's pioneers, including Pink Floyd, Roxy Music, Brian Eno and David Bowie. Modern art rock contemporaries include The Arcade Fire, and Radiohead.



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