Dream of Ding Village

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Dream of Ding Village
Author Yan Lianke
Original title 丁庄梦
Ding zhuang meng
Translator Cindy Carter
Country China
Language Chinese
Publisher Shanghai wenyi
Publication date
Published in English
Pages 288
ISBN 9787532129485

Dream of Ding Village (Chinese: 丁庄梦, Ding zhuang meng) is a 2006 novel by the Chinese writer Yan Lianke. The 2011 English translation by Cindy Carter, published in the UK by Grove Press, was shortlisted for the Independent Foreign Fiction Prize.[1]

It is a story based on the blood sales in rural Henan province that sparked a major AIDS crisis in China. After the first edition sold out, it was banned—no more copies can be printed in China. Yan Lianke has stated in numerous published interviews that the book could have been better if he had not been self-censoring himself to ensure it could be published.


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