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A drum hardware pack is a collection of drum hardware sold either as a set for use with a drum kit or bundled with the kit.

Bundled hardware packs[edit]

Lower-end drum kits are normally sold with all needed hardware and accessories except a stool and drum sticks, and even these and a cymbal pack are included in some packages.

Higher-end kits often come with a bundled hardware pack consisting only of the bass drum and floor tom feet and tom-tom arms to support hanging toms.

Many top lines are available only as individual drums, and all hardware and in some cases even the tom-tom mounts are ordered individually, so there is no bundled hardware pack at all.

Unbundled hardware packs[edit]

Many mid and upper level kits have a recommended hardware pack sold separately by the drum kit manufacturer but matched to the kit.

Such a pack for a five-piece kit would typically contain:

In some cases a drummer's stool is also included.