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A package of the "new" GoodNites released in 2004.

GoodNites (Formerly Pull-Ups Goodnites) (Known as DryNites in the UK and some other countries) are protective undergarments designed for bedwetters and are the leading brand who offer products to older children who still require the use of absorbent undergarments to manage their nighttime incontinence.

The product was historically marketed to parents of children 10 years of age and younger, and 85 pounds and smaller; in recent years, the target audience has been expanded upward to teenagers and even young adults who may still wet the bed.[1] Overseas, DryNites are expressly targeted toward persons 4 to 15 years of age. GoodNites are designed to be worn to bed in order to prevent wetting of the sheets and bedclothes in case of an accident. They are pull-up style rather than tape-up to make it easier for the children suffering from involuntary nighttime urination to change their protective undergarment on their own, though of course, some parents are more comfortable changing their child or teenager's undergarment themselves. Once wet, the sides of the protective undergarment can be torn apart to be changed. According to the website, there is no reason GoodNites can't be worn during the day by children and teenagers who experience daytime wettings as well; it is marketed as a bedwetting product mainly because that form of urinary incontinence is most common among children.

As of 2004, GoodNites feature both cosmetic and functional gender-specific distinctions. GoodNites for girls are most absorbent in the middle, while GoodNites for boys are most absorbent in the front. At present, GoodNites for girls feature prints consisting of butterflies and hearts or butterflies and monkeys, and GoodNites for boys feature camouflage and trucks or camouflage and skateboarders depending on the size. These graphics are intended to be appealing and comforting to the bedwetter to hep increase their self-confidence. Like the 2010 re-designs, the current release features two different prints per package.

GoodNites serves as the middle level of incontinence products in Kimberly-Clark's line, with Huggies diapers and Pull-Ups training pants for babies and toddlers, and Depend undergarments for older adults. Since the late 2010s, all of K-C's incontinence products have suffered a significant decline in quality and availability (while prices have continued to increase rather than go down); a reduction of absorbent material over time since the mid-1990s, and most recently altogether doing away with the polyethylene-based backing[citation needed] that allowed users to actually "get back into life" without risk of wetness bleeding through the inferior woven cloth-like backing of their modern product onto their street clothes.

Product History[edit]

Early Designs[edit]

Prior to 2004, GoodNites were unisex, plain white diapers with only a faux tag printed at the back.

The original GoodNites were released in 1994. They were slightly larger, longer, bulkier, and more absorbent than later models. These were plain white, with a faux tag printed at the rear, to help the bedwetters know which way to put them on. These originally came in 2 sizes: Medium (45-65 lbs) and Large (65-85 lbs). In 1999, they introduced a new size, XL (85 lbs-125 lbs and up). The thickness has since been reduced to avoid the diapers creating an obvious bulge under the wearer's pyjamas.

Big Changes[edit]

Girls GoodNites and pack, size L-XL

In 2000, Kimberly Clark redesigned GoodNites by making them slightly larger than their predecessors, and thus the recommended weight limit increased from 85 pounds to 125. In 2001, a "Cloth-Like Cover" replaced the previous plastic cover, but the overall design of the diapers remained the same. In 2003, the physical size of the GoodNites shrank a bit. Later in that year, the "Trim-Fit" style debuted, leading to a drastic reduction in padding thickness and the overall size of the diapers. In spring of 2004, gender-specific GoodNites appeared with customized absorbency zones for boys and girls. Medium GoodNites became Small-Medium and were designed to fit kids 38-70 pounds. Large and Extra Large GoodNites were combined into one size that fit kids 70-125+ pounds. In 2006, GoodNites underwent a revamp so that Kimberly-Clark could try to shed what it felt was a perceived image that their products were simply 'diapers for teenagers', with bedwetters up to 15-years-old being bullied for still having to wear diapers, which was considered 'babyish' or 'uncool'. In 2009, Kimberly-Clark once again revamped the GoodNites product line. New packaging featuring children's faces was advertised on the GoodNites website and released in April of that year. They have since often been marketed as 'pyjama pants', although some bedwetters chose to wear the diaper to bed without pyjamas.

The 'medium' size has now been withdrawn completely, with the age-bands of the small and large size extended to bridge the gap. The small/medium size is for children aged 4–9 years, with the large size suitable for ages 8–15. However, despite the revised age brackets, the new large size (ages 8–15) is the same as the old large size (ages 11–15). The small/medium size is the equivalent of size 8-10 underwear. The large size will comfortably fit a waist size of 30-inch (760 mm). Due to the product's stretchiness, it can also fit a waist as small as 20-inch (510 mm). The L/XL size is equivalent to size 12-14 underwear.[citation needed]

In 2010, Kimberly-Clark re-designed the GoodNites brand to look less like diapers that babies would wear, as it was feared this may have led to teasing from siblings or self-consciousness for bedwetters who wear them to sleepovers with their friends. They have also attempted to make GoodNites less visible beneath pyjamas and reduce the rustling sound they make to make it easier for children and teenagers who are embarrassed to still wear diapers at their age.

In 2017, a new XS size was created for both boys and girls. It fits clothing sizes 3-5 and is meant for children weighing 28-45 lbs.

Discontinued Products[edit]

Boxers & Sleep Shorts[edit]

GoodNites Boxers (for boys) and Sleep Shorts (for girls) were a product manufactured by Kimberly-Clark from 2007–2009, and distributed from 2007–2010; as their name implies, they were designed to look and feel like boxers or shorts. They were blue for boys and pink for girls. The outer covering was cloth-like to look like a boxer-short, but the inside was a white plastic diaper. The short cover could be easily lifted by the wearer much like a skirt, revealing a diaper that looks similar to a regular GoodNites diaper but without the cloth-like lining or graphics.

Although early reports indicated that the boxers were slightly more absorbent than the diapers, they also indicated that they were more expensive. When Kimberly-Clark revamped the GoodNites product line in 2009, they updated the packaging of GoodNites Boxers for boys, changed the product's UPC, and decreased the quantity from 14 diapers to 13 diapers in the Small-Medium size, and 11 diapers to 10 diapers in the Large-Extra Large size respectively. At the same time, production of the Sleep Shorts for girls ceased and packages on shelves retained their previous quantity, packaging, and UPCs, allowing distributors to deplete their stock of the product. Kimberly-Clark also removed images of the Sleep Shorts from the GoodNites website and only made a brief reference to their continued availability from 2009-2010. In 2010, Kimberly-Clark ceased production of GoodNites boxers, once again allowing distributors to deplete their stock of the product. As of 2011, Kimberly-Clark makes no reference to this product line on the official GoodNites website,[2] and major retailers list the product as being discontinued.

GoodNites Bed Mats[edit]

GoodNites released GoodNites Bed Mats in April 2012. These can be used to supplement protection of GoodNites diapers in the event of a leak. Also, they can be used to protect the mattress of children and teenagers who may only have a couple of bedwetting accidents per month rather than nightly. GoodNites Bed Mats feature adhesive to allow for them to stick to the bed if a child or teenager wets it during the night.


When they were first released, GoodNites were an alternative to waterproof mattress pads and more expensive disposable youth diapers intended for the disabled; as a result, they lacked any direct competition. By the beginning of the last decade, GoodNites' primary competition consisted of store brand disposable diapers. In 2002, Procter & Gamble, Kimberly-Clark's primary competitor, introduced Luvs Sleepdrys as a direct competitor to GoodNites. Luvs Sleepdrys were discontinued in 2004, and store brands once again became the primary form of direct competition to GoodNites for the next four years. In 2008, Procter & Gamble released Pampers Underjams as another direct competitor to GoodNites. As of 2011, GoodNites' competition comes from both Pampers Underjams and store brand disposable diapers.

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