Du rififi chez les femmes

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Du rififi chez les femmes
Rififi poster.jpg
The Japanese poster for the film
Directed by Alex Joffé
Produced by James-Jacques Mage
Written by Alex Joffé, José Giovanni, Gabriel Arout, James-Jacques Mage, Auguste Le Breton
Starring Nadja Tiller
Robert Hossein
Silvia Monfort
Roger Hanin
Music by Louiguy
Cinematography Pierre Montazel
Edited by Léonide Azar
Distributed by Cinedis
Release date
20 May 1959 (France)
Running time
110 minutes
Country France/Italy
Language French

Du rififi chez les femmes ("The Riff Raff Girls") is a French-Italian film directed by Alex Joffé and released in 1959.[1]


In Brussels, rival criminal gangs confront each other. One is led by Vicky, proprietor of a night club on a barge; the other by Bug, who wants to reign over the lucrative night life business. Vicky and her gang, who are planning a bank raid, are going to see their plans confounded by Bug. In effect, he is being manipulated by a police officer who forces him to help break up a drug trafficking deal in return for keeping his residence in Belgium. Bug and Yoko will strongly compromise the bank raid, believing that it is linked to the drugs.[1]


The film is based on the Auguste Le Breton novel, Du rififi chez les femmes, published in 1957 and reprinted in 2010.[2]






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