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Dub, Dubs, or dubbing may refer to:



  • Dub music, a subgenre of reggae music
  • Dubbing (music), transfer or copying of previously recorded audio material from one medium to another
  • The Dubs, American 1950s doo-wop vocal group

Literature and publishing[edit]



Medieval period[edit]

Modern era[edit]

  • Dub (nickname), a list of people nicknamed "Dub" or "Dubs"
  • Dubs (surname), a list of people surnamed Dubs
  • Gene Dub (born 1943), Canadian architect and former politician
  • Dub FX (born 1983), Australian street performer and studio recording artist


Other uses[edit]

  • The Dub, a lost 1919 American silent comedy film
  • Dubbing (filmmaking), post-production process in which additional or supplementary recording occurs
  • Dub poetry, a form of performance poetry consisting of spoken word over reggae rhythms
  • DUB (cuneiform), a sign in cuneiform writing
  • Dub (wheel), an automobile wheel or rim that is twenty or more inches in diameter
  • Dubbing (poultry), the procedure of removing the comb, wattles and sometimes earlobes of poultry
  • shortened name for the letter W
  • Accolade (also known as dubbing), central act in rite of passage ceremonies conferring knighthood
  • Dübs and Company, a locomotive works in Glasgow, Scotland
  • DUB, IATA airport code for Dublin Airport, Ireland

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