Dublin St Patrick's (UK Parliament constituency)

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Dublin St Patrick's
Former Borough constituency
for the House of Commons
Number of members one
Created from Dublin

Dublin St Patrick's, a division of Dublin, was a UK parliamentary constituency in Ireland. It returned one Member of Parliament (MP) to the British House of Commons 1885–1922. It had three wards – Merchant's Quay, Usher's Quay and Wood Quay.

Prior to the 1885 general election, the city was the undivided two member Dublin City constituency. In 1885, Dublin was divided into four constituencies: the St Patrick's, Dublin College Green, Dublin Harbour and Dublin St Stephen's Green constituencies.

In 1918, the city was allocated seven seats: in addition to the four existing constituencies, the new divisions were Dublin Clontarf, Dublin St James's and Dublin St Michan's.

From the dissolution of 1922, the area was no longer represented in the UK Parliament.


This constituency comprised part of the city of Dublin.


Dublin St Patrick's in 1918 gave Sinn Féin about two-thirds of its votes. Countess Markievicz was the first woman to win a Parliamentary election in Britain and Ireland, at the first election where women were allowed to be candidates.

In common with other Sinn Féin members, elected in 1918, the MP did not take her seat at Westminster but instead participated in the revolutionary Dáil Éireann.

Members of Parliament[edit]

From To Name Party Born Died
1885 1892 William Martin Murphy   Nationalist (IPP November 21, 1844 26 June 1919
1892 1918 William Field   Parnellite Nationalist (IPP) June 1843 29 April 1935
1918 1922 Constance Markievicz   Sinn Féin 4 February 1868 15 July 1927


  1. Anti-Parnellite Nationalist (IPP) from December 1890.


This constituency elected its MP using the first past the post electoral system.

  • 1918 (14 December) general election
  • 18,785 electors; 11,899 voted; turnout 63.34%
  • Constance Georgine, Countess Markievicz (SF) 7,835 (65.85%)
  • William Field (N) 3,752 (31.53%)
  • James Joseph Kelly (Ind N) 312 (2.62%)
  • Majority 4,083 (34.31%)