Dude, Where's the Party?

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Dude, Where's the Party?
Dude Wheres the Party DVD.jpg
Dude, Where's the Party? DVD cover
Directed byBenny Mathews
Produced bySunil Thakkar
Story bySunil Thakkar
StarringKal Penn
Sunil Malhotra
Prem Shah
Tina Cherian
Serena Varghese
Sunil Thakkar
Mousami Dave
Distributed byMusic Masala Films
Release date
  • May 28, 2003 (2003-05-28)
Running time
110 minutes
CountryUnited States

Dude, Where's the Party? aka Where's the party yaar? is a 2003 film directed by Benny Mathews. It stars Kal Penn and Sunil Malhotra. It is a comedic film that focuses mainly on the Indian American experience.


Harishkumar Satishkumar Patel (Sunil Malhotra) is a geeky student from a small village in Gujarat, India who is attending the University of Houston, while living with his uncle (his father's best friend). His uncle, Dr. Bakshi, has an American-born son who is Hari's age, Mohan Bakshi (Kal Penn). Mohan, known as Mo, is a very popular Indian student at UH. He shows Hari around the college but then stays away from him because of Hari's nerdy ways.

Hari, meanwhile, is overly excited because of an astrological prediction that was made by a holy man. The famous astrologer told Hari that he'll meet his Sapno Ki Raani (the girl of his dreams) in America and her name will begin with alphabet "P". Hari then meets Priya (Tina Cherian), a Malayali studying fashion, and falls in love with her. In the meanwhile, Mo falls in love with Janvi Valia (Serena Varghese), a Punjabi girl, but things don't go as planned when Mo invites Janvi to a party. In the film's conclusion, Mo learns important things about his culture, and Hari overcomes his challenges. This film is primarily a comedic portrayal of young Indian Americans going through life.

Cast and crew[edit]

  • Mohan Bakshi: Kal Penn
  • Harishkumar Satishkumar Patel: Sunil Malhotra
  • Ray (Ramesh Kumar): Prem Shah
  • Supriya Varghese: Tina Cherian
  • Janvi Valia: Serena Varghese
  • Shyam Sunder Balabhadrapatramukhi: Sunil Thakkar
  • Poonam Mehta: Mousami Dave
  • Jiten Kothari: Jiten Kothari
  • Director: Benny Mathews
  • Producer: Sunil Thakkar
  • Executive producers: Asha Virani, Farid Virani, Sandhya Thakkar
  • Co-producers: Matt Trush, Benny Mathews
  • Associate Director: Soham Mehtra
  • Associate Producers: Rikesh Patel, Deepi Sidhu
  • Screenplay: Benny Mathews, Soham Mehtra, Rikesh Patel, Sunil Thakkar
  • Story: Sunil Thakkar
  • Music Coordinators: Shimit Amin, Yogi Goyal
  • Sound Design: Will Golden
  • Makeup: Katarina Voss
  • Casting: Regina Vasquez
  • cinematography: Anthony Fennel
  • Film Editor: Shimit Amin
  • Production Designer: Randy Cole


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