Duke of Ávila and Bolama

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Coat of Arms of the Duke of Ávila and Bolama.

This was a Portuguese Nobility title granted by King Luís I of Portugal to António José de Ávila, 1st Duke of Ávila and Bolama, a remarkable Portuguese politician and ambassador during the liberal period.

Originally, the title was granted, in 1864 as Count of Ávila (in Portuguese Conde de Ávila) and it was successively upgraded, by the same King, to Marquis of Ávila and Bolama (in Portuguese Marquês de Ávila e Bolama) in 1870, and finally by a royal decree dated from May 14, 1878, to Duke of Ávila and Bolama (in Portuguese Duque de Ávila e Bolama).

This was the first Dukedom to be granted to a non-noble born person, once in Portugal the title of Duke was, traditionally, granted to members of high nobility, relatives of the Portuguese Royal Family, such as the second sons of monarchs.

List of the dukes, marquesses and counts[edit]

  1. António José de Ávila (1806-1881), 1st Count of Ávila (1864), 1st Marquis of Ávila and Bolama (1870), 1st Duke of Ávila and Bolama (1878);
  2. António José de Ávila (1842-1917), nephew of the 1st Duke. 2nd Count of Ávila and 2nd Marquis of Ávila and Bolama. 33rd Mayor of Lisbon (1901-1903);
  3. Manuel de Carvalho de Ávila (1876-1979), inherited from his uncle the title of 3rd Count of Ávila.

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