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Coat of arms of the Dukedom of Infantado.

The title Duke of the Infantado (Spanish Duque del Infantado) was granted to Diego Hurtado de Mendoza y Figueroa, son of Íñigo López de Mendoza, 1st Marquis of Santillana, by the Catholic Monarchs, Ferdinand II of Aragon and Isabella I of Castile, on 22 July 1475.

The Dukes of the Infantado remained an important family throughout Spanish history.
The family counts 7 Knights in the Order of the Golden Fleece and one Prime Minister of Spain (the 13th Duke).

Diego Hurtado de Mendoza built the New Castle of Manzanares el Real. Later the seat of the Dukes of the Infantado moved to the Palacio del Infantado in Guadalajara.

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House of Mendoza[edit]

House of Alba[edit]

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