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Duke of Uceda was a Spanish noble title created on 16 May 1610, by King Philip III of Spain, in favour of Cristóbal Gómez de Sandoval Rojas y de la Cerda. Cristóbal Gómez de Sandoval Rojas y de la Cerda was the son of Francisco Gómez de Sandoval, 1st Duke of Lerma, valido or de facto prime minister of King Philip III of Spain. In 1618 Cristobal replaced his father as valido after a plot, but was also overthrown 3 years later by Gaspar de Guzmán, Count-Duke of Olivares.

The title is named after the village of Uceda, Province of Guadalajara, which Cristóbal had bought a few years earlier from Diego Mejía de Obando, Count of Uceda.

Dukes of Uceda[edit]

Holder Period
Created by Philip III of Spain
I Cristóbal Gómez de Sandoval Rojas y de la Cerda 1610–1624
II Francisco Gómez de Sandoval Rojas y Padilla 1624–1635
III Felicia de Sandoval y Urbino, married Gaspar Téllez-Girón, 5th Duke de Osuna 1635–1671
IV Isabel María de Sandoval y Girón, married Juan Francisco Pacheco y Téllez-Girón 1671–1711
V Manuel Gaspar Gómez de Sandoval Téllez-Girón 1711–1732
VI Francisco Javier Pacheco Téllez-Girón 1732–1750
VII Andrés Manuel Alonso Pacheco Téllez-Girón y Toledo 1750–1789
VIII Diego Pacheco Téllez-Girón Gómez de Sandoval 1789–1811
IX Bernardino Fernández de Velasco Pacheco y Téllez-Girón 1811–1851
X Bernardina María Fernández de Velasco Pacheco Téllez-Girón y Roca de Togores 1851–1869
XI Francisco de Borja Téllez-Girón y Fernández de Velasco 1869–1897
XII Luis María Téllez-Girón y Fernández de Córdoba 1897–1909
XIII Mariano Téllez-Girón y Fernández de Córdoba 1909– ?
XIV Ángela María Téllez-Girón y Duque de Estrada  ? – 1982
XV Pilar Latorre y Téllez-Girón 1982–present