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Duluth Public Schools is a school district based in Duluth, Minnesota. It is also known as Independent School District (ISD) #709.

High schools[edit]

Two high schools in the district serve grades 9–12.

As of September 2011, Duluth will have two public high schools : Duluth Denfeld and Duluth East. This time, attendance areas will be the same for middle and high schools: 6th Avenue East will be the boundary line, which will stretch across Kenwood Avenue to Howard Gnesen Road up to the Airport and the city limits.

As of September 2012, the new middle schools opened : Lincoln Park Middle School and Ordean East Middle School.

Middle schools[edit]

Two middle schools in the district serve grades 6–8.

  • Lincoln Park Middle School – 3215 West 3rd Street
  • Ordean East Middle School – 2900 East 4th Street

Elementary schools[edit]

  • Congdon Park Elementary School
  • Homecroft Elementary School
  • Lakewood Elementary School
  • Laura MacArthur Elementary School
  • Lester Park Elementary School
  • Lowell Elementary School
  • Myers–Wilkins Elementary School (formerly Grant)
  • Piedmont Elementary School
  • Stowe Elementary School

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