Dunc's Halloween

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Dunc's Halloween
Paulsen - Dunc's Halloween Coverart.png
Dunc's Halloween first edition cover.
Author Gary Paulsen
Country United States
Language English
Series Culpepper Adventures
Genre Novel
Publisher Dell Publishing
Publication date
September 1, 1992
Media type Print (Paperback)
Pages 84 pp (first edition)
ISBN 0-440-40659-5
OCLC 26704371
LC Class MLC R CP01273
Preceded by Dunc Gets Tweaked
Followed by Dunc Breaks the Record

Dunc's Halloween is the fifth novel in the Culpepper Adventures series by Gary Paulsen. It is about Dunc and Amos who are planning a route to get the most Halloween candy, but when Amos is bitten by a werewolf their plans change completely. It was published on September 1, 1992 by Dell Publishing.