Flight of the Hawk

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Flight of the Hawk
Paulsen - Flight of the Hawk Coverart.jpg
Author Gary Paulsen
Country United States
Language English
Series World of Adventure
Genre Young adult novel
Publisher Random House
Publication date
April 6, 1998
Media type Print (Paperback)
Pages 96 pp
ISBN 0-440-41228-5
OCLC 38994804
Preceded by Curse of the Ruins

Flight of the Hawk is the eighteenth novel in World of Adventure series by Gary Paulsen. It was published on April 6, 1998 by Random House.


The story is about Andy who is sent to live with his mysterious grandfather Hawkes after his parents' deaths. Andy soon finds out his grandfather isn't what he seems, but instead is an inventor, and discovers that his parents' deaths may not have been an accident. When Grandfather Hawkes's life is threatened, Andy decides he's not going to lose another person he loves. So using his grandfather's inventions, Andy becomes The Hawk.