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Dung Kai-cheung, a Chinese-language fiction writer born in Hong Kong in 1967. He received his B.A. and M. Phil. in comparative literature from the University of Hong Kong. He is an author, journalist, playwright and essayist. He works at a part-time lecturer at The Chinese University of Hong Kong and mainly teaches Chinese writing. His wife, Wong Nim Yan[1] works as associate professor at the Chinese department of The Chinese University of Hong Kong. His most important novels include "Atlas", "Histories of Time" and other award-winning books. Different from other local Chinese writers, Dung translates his own work into English versions. Dung is devoted to the education of youth writers. He writes preface and prologue for Hong Kong youth writers, some of which are his students in the Chinese department of Chinese University of Hong Kong.


  • Hong Kong Arts Development Council Rookie Award (1997)
  • 2008 Hong Kong Art Development Award」Best Artist of the year (Literature) (2008)
  • Best Translated Work Award-Science Fiction & Fantasy Translation Awards (2013) for "Atlas"

Atlas depicts an imaginary city that is set in Victoria, a fictional city similar to Hong Kong. The story reflects the colonial past of Hong Kong, it was an extraordinary social critique.

  • Hong Kong Book Fair Author of the Year (2014)


Short story collections and Novels[edit]

  • Evolution of a Nonexistent Species (1996)
  • Atlas: The Archaeology of an Imaginary City (1996)
  • The Double Body (1997)
  • The Rose of the Name (1997)
  • Visible Cities (1998)
  • The Catalog (1999)
  • A Brief History of the Silverfish (2002)
  • The History of the Adventures of Vivi and Vera (2005)
  • Histories of Time (2007)
  • The Age of Learning (2010)


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