Duo Ouro Negro

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Duo Ouro Negro
Years active1959 (1959)-late 1980s

Duo Ouro Negro (also known as The Black Gold) was a kwela music group consisting of Raul Indipwo and Milo MacMahon, formed in 1959. The music group was first a trio, but when Jose Alves Monteiro left, the band became a duo.


Raul and Milo met each other in childhood, in Benguela. At the beginning of their adulthoods, they initiated a project, The Black Gold. The project centered on Angolan folklore. The Black Gold became an international expression, acting in Switzerland, France, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Spain and Portugal. After Monteiro left the music group became known as Duo Ouro Negro. In the 1970s the duo made performances in the United States, Australia, and France. Milo died in the late 1980s which ended the career of the duo.[1]


  • "Kuríkutéla"
  • "Muiowa"
  • "Muxima"
  • "Sylvie"
  • "Maria Rita"
  • "Blackground"
  • "Empire of Yemanja"
  • "Tomorrow"
  • "I'll Take you with me"


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