Dupont (band)

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Origin Stockholm, Sweden
Genres EBM, Synthpop
Years active 1999-present
Members Danucci (machines)
Riccardo (vocals)
Past members Johan Damm aka Juan (vocals on first album)

Dupont are an electronic music band from Sweden.


DuPont was formed as a collaboration of the vocalist Johan Damm and the electronic musicians Danucci and Riccardo in 1999. Following the demo 'Deliver', they signed with the German label Lip Records who released their first single 'Behave'. Their debut album 'Ukraina' was released in 2001. In 2002, Dupont supported Covenant on their 'Northern Light' tour.

There was a lengthy gap between their first and second albums, during which time Juan left the project to eventually be replaced on lead vocals by Riccardo, with the band's music moving in an electro-pop direction on their 2005 album 'Intermezzo'. Their third album came out 2009 and is called "Entering the Ice Age".


Album: Behave Catalogue No: Pain0001 Release date: 2000 Format: CDM

Album: Ukraina Catalogue No: Pain0004 Release date: 2001 Format: CD

Album: Intermezzo Catalogue No: Pain0009 Release date: 2005 Format: CD

Album: Entering the ice age Catalogue No: PROCD020 Release date: 2009 Format: CD