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Durban Youth Council
MottoToday's youth... Tomorrow's leaders
TypeCommunity service, non-profit organization
Deon Botha-Richards

The Durban Youth Council (DYC) is a non-profit, community service-based youth organization located in Durban, South Africa. The DYC aims to empower the youth of Durban through service to the community. The organization has been operational since 1966 and is a project of the Junior Chamber South Africa (Durban Chapter). The Council is composed of over 100 grade 11 students from more than 30 schools in the Durban area. The Council is run by a democratic hierarchy of students, and governed by an adult steering committee.[1] The Durban Youth Council is recognized as the official youth city council of Durban.[2]


The DYC provides a platform for learners to develop their leadership qualities and become a team player, through actively managing and participating in community based projects. This is in efforts to develop an awareness of the community and uplift and empower the lives of many.[3]


The Durban Youth Council comprises 130 councilors, who hail from 40 schools in the greater Durban area. Membership changes each year, the council year begins in November and ends in November of the next year. Each school has the opportunity of sending four grade 11 students to represent on the DYC, and a select number of schools have the opportunity of sending six. The DYC is run as a democracy, and each council year has its own hierarchy. The student Board runs the council, and is headed by a smaller group known as the Executive Board, consisting of a Mayor, two Deputy Mayors, a Council Manager, and two Community Service Executives.


Within the Durban Youth Council are seven committees. As the Durban Youth Council's main objective is community service, there are six community service committee, and one Fellowship committee that aims to improve on matters within the organization. Each committee is specialized to channel its community service projects into a category.[4] The community service committees are as follows:

Advocacy - Creating awareness of issues affecting the youth, as well as being a voice for the underprivileged.

Arts & Culture - Promoting a focus in the arts among the youth, with projects that target the culture of Durban.

Environment & Infrastructure - Targeting issues relating to the environment and infrastructure of the community.

Feeding Schemes & Disabilities - Helping those in need who may be affected by hunger or a disability, as well as other groups who are oppressed or underprivileged.

HIV & Humanities - Targeting issues relating to epidemic diseases such as HIV, as well as the humanities.

Sports & Recreation - Encouraging an active lifestyle of sport and recreation among the youth, as well as the general population of Durban.


A list of schools represented on the Durban Youth Council:

The Durban Youth Council does not affiliate with any political or religious organizations.


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