Durga Temple, Baideshwar

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The temple is dedicated to Durga and present in Cuttack district in Baideshwar,near Kalapathara chowk on the way to Banki.


The temple has a Khakhara vimana of early Kalingan order during Bhaumakara rule. The survey has assigned the temple to 8th century AD. It is a living temple, enshrining an image of eight-armed Mahishamardini Durga. Mahisasuramardini Durga, Parvati, Aja-ekapada Bhairava and Ganesh images are found. Similar construction are found in Vaital Deula, and Varahi Deula, Chaurasi. The temple is built with Ochre colour sandstone is used for the temple and laterite for the compound wall.


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