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Goddess Maheshwari is another name of Hindu goddess Parvati, the wife of lord Shiva. She is also the presiding deity of Dumal community of Western Orissa.

About Goddess Maheshwari[edit]

There was a powerful demon called Durgam, who had acquired all the four Vedas from Lord Brahma after pleasing him. In fact, Lord Brahma had given a boon that no one will be able to defeat him during wars.

Durgam became very powerful and started harassing kings and sanyasis. As a result of this adharma it did not rain for one hundred years. Therefore, there was drought and people were starving.

The deities went to goddess Maheshwari (Parvati) and narrated about the incidents. Goddess Maheshwari was very much moved by the pathetic stories and started crying for nine days and nights. The tear started flowing in the form of a river and the drought came to an end.

Goddess Maheshwari of western Orissa[edit]

The famous Maa Maheswari temple is located at the Athmallik town of western Orissa.[1] Maa Maheswari is an eleven armed Durga and was deity of Kadamba dynasty. She is the presiding deity of Athmallik area and regarded widely as a symbol of courage, strength and victory. Nowadays, Maa Maheswari is worshiped in almost every village of western Orissa. There are many temples of Maa Maheswari in the Sonepur, Balangir, Boudh and Angul district.


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