Durlung, Parbat

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Durlung, Dhawalagiri

Durlung, Dhawalagiri is located in Nepal
Durlung, Dhawalagiri
Durlung, Dhawalagiri
Location in Nepal
Coordinates: 28°16′N 83°42′E / 28.26°N 83.70°E / 28.26; 83.70Coordinates: 28°16′N 83°42′E / 28.26°N 83.70°E / 28.26; 83.70
Country   Nepal
ZoneDhawalagiri Zone
DistrictParbat District
 • Total3,202
Time zoneUTC+5:45 (Nepal Time)

Durlung is a market center in Kushma Municipality in Parbat District in the Dhawalagiri Zone of central Nepal. The formerly Village Development committee was annexed to form the municipality since 18 May 2014. At the time of the 1991 Nepal census it had a population of 3202 people living in 659 individual households. Durlung kot mandir is quite famous historical place. One of the king used to live there when nepal had distributed in 22/24 state.most of the peolpe are BRAHMINS in this VDC.[1]


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