Durmus A. Demir

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Durmuş A. Demir
Born 10 March 1967[1]
Silifke, Mersin, Turkey[2]
Residence Turkey
Nationality Turkish
Fields Physics
Institutions Izmir Institute of Technology
Alma mater Middle East Technical University, University of Minnesota, University of Pennsylvania, ICTP, TPI, DESY
Doctoral advisor Namık Kemal Pak, Paul Langacker

Durmuş Ali Demir (born March 10, 1967) is a Turkish theoretical physicist and a dean of the Graduate School of Engineering and Sciences[3] at the Izmir Institute of Technology where he is the ex-chair of the Physics Department.[4] His research areas include supersymmetric standard model, extra dimensions and general relativity.


  • 2009 - Full Member, TWAS [5]
  • 2006 - The Humboldt Prize (Alexander von Humboldt Foundation Prize)[6]
  • 2005 - TUBITAK Young Scientist Prize
  • 2004 - TUBA Young Scientist Prize
  • 2001 - TGC Sedat Simavi Science Award[2]
  • 1997 - METU Parlar Foundation Encouragement Award[2]

Notable publications[edit]


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