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Duzhe magazine cover.png
Cover of Duzhe from 2008
Frequency Biweekly
Publisher Gansu People's Press
Year founded 1981
First issue March 1981
Country China
Based in Lanzhou, Gansu
Language Chinese
Website www.duzhe.com/
ISSN 1005-1805

Duzhe (Chinese: 读者; pinyin: Dúzhě; literally: "Reader(s)") is a biweekly Chinese general interest magazine.[1] It is among the most widely circulated[2] and the leading magazines in the People's Republic of China.[3]

History and profile[edit]

Duzhe was first published in Lanzhou in March 1981.[4] The magazine has its headquarters in Lanzhou,[5] and is published on a biweekly basis[6] by the Gansu People's Press. The magazine includes original articles, condensed articles reprinted from other magazines, book excerpts, and collections of jokes, anecdotes, quotations and other short pieces.[6]

During the first half of the 2000s the magazine was published bi-monthly.[7] In 2003 Duzhe was among the top five magazines in China with a circulation of 3,000,000.[8] The same year it was also the fourth best selling magazine in the world, after Reader's Digest, National Geographic and Time.[7]


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