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Dwain Esper (October 7, 1892—October 18, 1982) was an American director and producer of exploitation films (some of which were written by Esper's wife, Hildegarde Stadie). Esper died in 1982. He and Hildegarde had two children, Dwain, Jr. and Millicent.

At one point he exhibited the mummified body of Oklahoma Outlaw Elmer McCurdy, before it was acquired by Dan Sonney.


Director credits[edit]

Marijuana: The Devil's Weed, 1936 opening title
aka Sins of Love (USA: reissue title)
aka The 7th Commandment (USA: poster title)
aka Narcotic Racket (USA: reissue title)
aka Narcotic! (USA: promotional title)
aka Narcotic: As Interpreted by Dwain Esper (USA: closing credits title)
aka Sex Maniac
aka Marihuana, the Devil's Weed
aka Marihuana, the Weed with Roots in Hell!
aka Human Wreckage (USA: reissue title)
aka They Must Be Told (USA: reissue title)
aka Love Life of Adolph Hitler (USA: reissue title)
aka The Strange Love Life of Adolf Hitler (USA: reissue title)
aka The Strange Loves of Adolf Hitler (USA: reissue title)

Producer credits[edit]

Excluding films Esper directed.
aka Beyond Shanghai (UK)
aka Forbidden Adventure (USA: informal reissue title)
aka Forbidden Adventure in Angkor (USA: reissue title, 1937)


aka Hell-O-Vision (USA)
aka Cain


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