Dzhugdzhur Mountains

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The location of the Dzhugdzhur Mountains

The Dzhugdzhur Mountains (Russian: Джугджу́р) or sometimes Jugjur Mountains, meaning 'big bulge' in Evenki[citation needed], are a mountain range in the far east of Siberia that run along the entire northwest coast of the Sea of Okhotsk. In the east, mountains emerge from the Stanovoy Range and run northeast for some 1500 kilometers before splitting three ways into the Chersky Range, Verkhoyansk Mountains, and Gydan Mountains. The mountains are quite deserted, the one exception being the gold mines that have operated in the range since the 1920s.

Popular culture[edit]

  • "Misha", otherwise known as The Heavy, from the 2007 FPS video game Team Fortress 2, originates from the Dzhugdzhur Mountains.[1]


Coordinates: 58°N 136°E / 58°N 136°E / 58; 136