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E-Z Listening Disc
Studio album by Devo
Released 1981 (EZ Listening Cassette)
1984 (EZ Listening Cassette Volume 2)
1987 (CD)
Recorded 1981, 1984
Genre Muzak, new-age, lounge
Length 37:52 (EZ Listening Cassette)
36:59 (EZ Listening Cassette Volume 2)
70:32 (CD)
Producer Devo
Devo chronology
E-Z Listening Disc
Total Devo
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 1.5/5 stars [1]

E-Z Listening Disc is a 1987 album released by American New Wave band Devo. The album is a compilation of all but one of the tracks from Devo's two E-Z Listening Muzak Cassettes, which had been available only through Club Devo in 1981 and 1984, respectively, consisting of instrumental versions of classic Devo songs performed in the style of easy listening Muzak or New-age music. The original E-Z Listening Muzak Cassette, Volume 2 contained two versions of "Shout," but only one appears on the CD due to time constraints (in 1987 CDs had the maximum capacity of 74:33). The "Hello Kitty" version, featuring synthesizers and an electric guitar, was included on the CD, whereas the other is a lounge music version featuring electronic piano, synth bass and drums. Additionally, the CD does not replicate the original cassette track-order.

The version of "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction" present here uses the original Rolling Stones guitar riff, which does not appear in any other versions of Devo's cover. The riff was possibly added because this rendition would otherwise bear no resemblance to the original: indeed, the song's vocal harmony could not be replicated with an instrument and Devo's quiet bass-riff was the only indicator of what it was.

This album is scheduled to be rereleased in March 2016, and will be available as either a double album or two CD box set. Along with the 20 tracks originally found on the E-Z Listening Cassettes, the rerelease will also contain a newly recorded easy listening version of the song "Human Rocket" from Devo's 2010 album Something For Everybody.[2]

Track list[edit]

EZ Listening Cassette[edit]

Side one
No. Title Length
1. "Come Back Jonee" (Gerald V. Casale, Mark Mothersbaugh) 3:13
2. "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction" (Mick Jagger, Keith Richards) 4:12
3. "Space Junk" (G.V. Casale, Bob Mothersbaugh) 2:41
4. "Jocko Homo" (M. Mothersbaugh) 3:37
5. "Swelling Itching Brain" (M. Mothersbaugh) 4:15
Side two
No. Title Length
1. "Whip It" (G.V. Casale, M. Mothersbaugh) 3:01
2. "Mongoloid" (G.V. Casale) 5:10
3. "Girl U Want" (G.V. Casale, M. Mothersbaugh) 5:01
4. "Pity You" (M. Mothersbaugh) 3:27
5. "It's A Beautiful World" (G.V. Casale, M. Mothersbaugh) 3:15

EZ Listening Cassette Volume 2[edit]

Side one
No. Title Length
1. "Gates of Steel" (G.V. Casale, M. Mothersbaugh, Sue Schmidt & Debbie Smith (of Chi-Pig)) 2:57
2. "That's Good"   3:40
3. "Jerkin' Back and Forth"   3:12
4. "Shout"   4:11
5. "4th Dimension"   3:52
Side two
No. Title Length
1. "Goin' Under"   3:09
2. "Peek 'a' Boo"   4:28
3. "Time Out for Fun"   3:24
4. "Jurisdiction of Luv" (M. Mothersbaugh) 3:44
5. "Shout (Hello Kitty)"   4:13

All songs by G.V. Casale, M. Mothersbaugh except where noted.


1987 Rykodisc CD Reissue
No. Title Length
1. "Gates of Steel" (G.V. Casale, M. Mothersbaugh, Sue Schmidt & Debbie Smith)) 2:57
2. "Girl U Want"   5:01
3. "Come Back Jonee"   3:13
4. "Whip It"   3:01
5. "That's Good"   3:40
6. "Jerkin' Back and Forth"   3:12
7. "4th Dimension"   3:52
8. "Shout (Hello Kitty)"   4:13
9. "Mongoloid" (G.V. Casale) 5:10
10. "Pity You" (M. Mothersbaugh) 3:27
11. "Goin' Under"   3:09
12. "Swelling Itching Brain" (M. Mothersbaugh) 4:15
13. "Jurisdiction of Luv" (M. Mothersbaugh) 3:44
14. "Peek 'a' Boo"   4:28
15. "Satisfaction" (M. Jagger, K. Richards) 4:12
16. "Space Junk" (G.V. Casale, B. Mothersbaugh) 2:41
17. "Time Out for Fun"   3:24
18. "It's A Beautiful World"   3:15
19. "Jocko Homo" (M. Mothersbaugh) 3:37

All songs by G.V. Casale, M. Mothersbaugh except where noted.



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