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Eric Herbert (E. H.) Warmington (1898–1987) was a professor of classics, internationally known for his Latin translations. He attended The Perse School, Cambridge.

He produced numerous works, often with other scholars, over many decades of the twentieth century. He also edited other translations, including the Greek–English translation of Aelian's On the Characteristics of Animals. His most famous work is the series Remains of Old Latin, a four-volume edition of early Latin texts for the Loeb Classical Library, with a facing English translation.

  1. Remains of Old Latin I: Ennius and Caecilius (1935, revised 1956; ISBN 0-674-99324-1)
  2. Remains of Old Latin II: Livius Andronicus, Naevius, Pacuvius and Accius (1936; ISBN 0-674-99347-0)
  3. Remains of Old Latin III: Lucilius and The Twelve Tables (1938, revised 1967; ISBN 0-674-99363-2)
  4. Remains of Old Latin IV: Archaic inscriptions (1940; ISBN 0-674-99396-9)

Notes and references[edit]

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