E. Rose Sabin

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Elenora Rose Sabin
Occupation Writer
Language English
Nationality American
Genre Fantasy, science fiction
Notable awards Andre Norton Gryphon Award for best unpublished manuscript by a new woman fantasy writer in 1992

Elenora Rose Sabin (E. Rose Sabin) is an author of fantasy and science fiction novels for adults and young adults, the most notable being A School for Sorcery, which is set in an invented world in a country called Arucadi. That novel in manuscript form in 1992 won the Andre Norton Gryphon Award for the best unpublished manuscript by a new woman fantasy writer. Her other works include A Perilous Power, the prequel to A School for Sorcery, and When the Beast Ravens, the sequel to A School for Sorcery, all published in hardcover as Tor Books and in trade paperback as Starscape Books by Tom Doherty Associates, LLC. An adult science fiction novel titled Shadow of a Demon is published in ebook format and as a trade paperback by Double Dragon Publishing.



Publishers Weekly wrote of A School for Sorcery, "The story has its charms, but it's so easy to follow and predict that the plot twists don't and the surprise ending isn't."[1] RT Book Review wrote of A Perilous Power, "A touch of romance and a hint of terror make this a well-rounded, entertaining tale for all ages."[2] Analog Science Fiction and Fact wrote of When the Beast Ravens, "It’s much darker than Potter, but it’s still a nice allegory of adolescence. Parents be warned, though: The darkness makes this one less suitable for kids and more suitable for teens."[3]


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