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EAD outlet

EAD is an abbreviation for German Ethernet-Anschlussdose. The EAD standard defines wall mounted Ethernet connection outlets that enjoy a higher reliability than standard BNC T-connectors.

EAD outlets have been developed from TAE connectors for telephony applications but they are intended for connecting coaxial network cables like 10BASE2. A different mechanical encoding (Type E) prevents mix-up with phone plugs. With the obsolescence of 10Base2 networks, EAD-sockets have become obsolete.

EAD cables are duplex connections replacing two thin-wire cables, the T-connector is integrated into the BNC end. The contacts of an EAD outlet are closed if no connector is plugged in. When a cable is plugged in, the normally closed contacts in the socket are opened so that signals pass through the loop cable. Worn out connectors or outlets can cause the same problems that haunted the simpler connectors but user errors are largely reduced.

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