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EJay Clubworld Cover.jpg
Developer(s)Yelsi AG
Publisher(s)Crave Entertainment
Platform(s)PlayStation 2
  • EU: August 30, 2002
  • NA: July 30, 2003

eJay is a series of musical arrangement[1] software and games, primarily for Microsoft Windows. The first edition, Dance eJay, was released in 1997.[2] It supports eight tracks of audio and, as with its successors, permits the arrangement of sound bites by a drag-and-drop interface.[1][3] Since the original Dance eJay, there have been many releases catering to different music genres and users, including techno[4] and hip-hop,[5] as well as a PlayStation 2 edition.[6]

In May 2009, a note posted to eJay's official Facebook page stated that Empire Interactive Europe Limited, the company that owned and developed the eJay products, was in administration.[7]

On 15 October 2010, three eJay products were reissued in editions: Hip Hop 5, Dance 6 and DJ Mixstation 4, with Hip Hop 5 and Dance 6 now having twice the number of sound samples than they had originally (10,000 instead of 5,000). Also on the same date, a new software called Video & Music Exchange was released.

Currently eJay is a registered trademark of Yelsi AG.

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