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Compilation album by Tara Simmons
Released October, 2007
Genre Indie pop
Length 46:18
Producer Tara Simmons
Tara Simmons chronology
All the Amendments
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Time Off Magazine 4/5 starslink

EPilation is the first full-length release from Brisbane musician Tara Simmons. Although a full-length, EPilation contains no new material and is a compilation of Tara's first two EPs Pendulum and All The Amendments. The tracks were remastered and re-sequenced by her manager to flow better and to play like an album.

It features the singles "Everybody Loves You" and Break The Rules For Me, both from the film All My Friends Are Leaving Brisbane as well as The Recycling Bin Song.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Break The Rules For Me"
  2. "Ballet"
  3. "Pendulum"
  4. "Everybody Loves You"
  5. "The Recycling Bin Song"
  6. "Patience"
  7. "Rat"
  8. "Forget"
  9. "Trip Over"
  10. "Keen On Trying"
  11. "Nucleus"