ER Piotrków

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Coordinates: 51°03′22″N 22°39′00″E / 51.05611°N 22.65000°E / 51.05611; 22.65000 ER Piotrków - the radio tower with a height of 105 m.

ER Piotrków


coordinates: 51°0′9″N 22°39′20″E / 51.00250°N 22.65556°E / 51.00250; 22.65556

Village: Piotrków Pierwszy

foundation supports antenna height: 282 m

Object Height: 105 m

suspension height antenna systems: Radio: 110 m

user object: Radio eR Lublin

Program Frequency Transmitter power
Radio eR 87,9 MHz 25 kW

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