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Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation (EBC)
Type Broadcast television network
Country Ethiopia
Availability Worldwide
Founded 1972
Slogan Ethiopian Television
Launch date
April 25, 1964
EBC1 and EBC2
Official website

EBC (Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation) (formerly known as ETV) is an Ethiopian government-owned television channel. Its programming includes news, sport, music and other entertainment. It airs in Amharic, Oromo, Somali, Tigrinya, Afar, Harari, as well as English.[1]

EBC has entertainment programs like 'Ethiopian Idol,' which features similar content to that of American Program American Idol in addition to dancing competitions. In recent years EBC has transmitted a few matches per week from some European Football Leagues (2007 Spanish La Liga, 2008 English Premier League), plus some international matches. EBC transmits its programmes on 4 satellite stations.


Ethiopian Television was established in 1964 with assistance from the British firm, Thomson. It was created to highlight the Organization of African Unity (OAU) meeting that took place in Addis Ababa that same year. Color television broadcast began in 1982 in commemoration of the founding of Workers' Party of Ethiopia (WPE).[2] The current structure and goals of were established 1987 with Proclamation 114/87.[1]


EBC has three regular channels broadcasting to Ethiopia:

  • EBC1 - The main channel with 24 hours coverage, with content on culture, politics, documentaries, economy and movies.
  • EBC2 - A channel which focuses on Addis Ababa (capital city of Ethiopia) and is run by the municipality.
  • EBC3 - A channel which focuses on dramas, soap operas, as well as lifestyle programming. Also airs programs from the West.
  • Ethiopian News TV


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