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Early and Medieval Chinese HistoryEMCH《早期中國史研究》) is an academic periodical magazine, about Ancient and Medieval Chinese history studies, published by the Society of Early and Medieval Chinese History (Taipei, Taiwan).


In 2009, some members of the Studies Group of Medieval Chinese History at National Taiwan University (NTU), Li-hsin Chao National Chi Nan University as the promoter of this group, starting to emerge a new academic community. The EMCH is one of their main and routine acativites.

Members of the Society of EMCH including young scholars from Taiwan, Mainland China, Japan, Canada, i.e. Huaichen Kan (the chairman at the Dept. of History, NTU, Taipei), Yukinobu Abe (professor, Fine Liberal Art College, Chuuoun University, Tokyo), Albert Dien (emeritus professor, Stanford University, U.S.), Joshui Chen (Dean at the College of Fine Liberal Art, NTU, Taipei) etc. Official website is designed and run by Chung-cheng Tu (Natiional Cheng-kung University).

For now on, there are five volumes published or publishing, papers of each volume including thesis, research note, discussion, book review, and latest information about academic acativities in Taiwan, China, and Japan.

The editors in chief have played important role in EMCH, by volume, they are Zongxian Tsai (National Chung Hsing University, Taiwan), Yun-jo Lin( Tunghai University, Taiwan), Li-hsin Chao (National Chi Nan University, Taiwan), Zhaoyi Lee (Chaoyang University of Technology, Taiwan), An-tai Wang(National Taiwan University), and Wan-jun Wang (Soochow University).

Contents of the latest issue (Vol. 5, No.2; June 2013) of EMCH is as below.

〔Translated Articles〕

A Study of the Laozi Xiang’erzhu

Written by Mugitani Kunio, Translated By He-shu Li


〔Research Notes〕

Bronzes with Inscriptions Tomb Review in Gao Qing Chen Zhuang

Yi-fei You


An Analysis on the Imperial Edicts Granting Lordships in Western Ha Dynasty

Chung-hsien Cheng


The Shrines and Sacrifices of Cao Cao

Tsung-hsien Tsai


The Curse Words and Ethnic Relationship in the Wei, Jin and North-South Dynasty

Shih-jen Chen


Examining of The Spread of The Epitaphs of Hsiao Fy and His Wife, Mrs. Wang of Liang

Xiu-an Wu


Some Issues About Justice in The Tang Dynasty: Using “Zhao-Han Resolving The Dispute anout Money” As an Example

Hsiao-yi Yang



ISSN: 2075-0366