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The earth is constantly being monitored by a great number earth observation satellites. These artificial satellites have onboard sensors from which they gather data. The data is transmitted back to earth via radio frequency. This article lists a number of current active earth observation satellites and their downlink transmission frequencies.

Satellite transmission frequencies[edit]

General downlink frequencies
Satellite Frequency Band
Terra 8212.5 MHz X band
Aqua 8160.0 MHz X band
NOAA 17,18 1707.0 MHz L band
ERS-2 (High rate) 8140 MHz X band
SPOT 4,5 8253.0 MHz X band
EROS A1 8150 and 8250 MHz X band
Landsat 5, 7 8212.5 MHz X band
CBERS 2B 8103.0, 8321.0 and 8212.0 MHz X band
SAC-C 8386 MHz X band

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