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Studio album by The Incredible String Band
Released November 1972
Recorded March - August 1972
Genre Folk
Length 41:11
Label Island
Producer Robin Williamson, Mike Heron
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Earthspan is an album released by The Incredible String Band in 1972 on Island Records. It features Mike Heron, Robin Williamson, Licorice McKechnie, and Malcolm Le Maistre.

The core of Robin Williamson and Mike Heron remained intact, but was faltering due to musical indifferences. Licorice McKechnie, the remainder of the former girlfriends, would depart after the release of the album.

This album, compared to its predecessors, is a more generic folk album. The band was continuing its exploration into progressive rock and synthesizers in order to create a more commercial-orientated sound. This was due more to Heron's influence over the band. As a result, the band would lose much of their trademark style that made them popular in the British counterculture of the 1960s.[1]

Most of the tracks on the album take inspiration from European and American tradition. Past albums included such a theme alongside eastern culture.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "My Father Was a Lighthouse Keeper" Malcolm Le Maistre 4:21
2. "Antoine" Mike Heron 3:53
3. "Restless Night" Robin Williamson 3:30
4. "Sunday Song" Licorice McKechnie, Heron 8:28
5. "Black Jack David" Heron 2:38
6. "Banks of Sweet Italy" Williamson 3:01
7. "The Actor" Le Maistre, Williamson 3:49
8. "Moon Hang Low" Williamson 3:22
9. "Sailor and the Dancer" Le Maistre 2:34
10. "Seagull" Heron 6:02

"Black Jack David", then called "Black Jack Davy" had earlier been recorded by The Incredible String Band on their album I Looked Up on Elektra Records in 1970.

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