East Bulgarian

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East Bulgarian
East Bulgarian mare and foal at Kabiuk stud, near Shumen
Conservation statusFAO (2007): not listed[1]: 15 
Other names
Country of originBulgaria
Useriding, competition
  • Male:
    550 kg[2]
  • Female:
    450 kg[2]
  • Male:
    average: 166.9 cm[2]
  • Female:
    average: 162.8 cm[2]
Mares and foals at Kabiuk stud

The East Bulgarian is a Bulgarian breed of warmblood horse. It developed from the warmblood section established in about 1894, at the Kabiuk State Stud and Stallion Depot in Shumen Province in eastern Bulgaria.[3][4] A stud-book was started in either 1951[5]: 448  or 1959.[2]


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