East Cape to Cape Egmont Traverse

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This East Cape to Cape Egmont Traverse is not so much a trail, more a Kiwi pilgrimage to our early pioneers and landscape.

Two authors/walkers have completed this traverse and written books:

  • Salisbury, Raymond (April 1997) [1995]. "The Great Escape" (PDF). Cape to Cape - 80 Day Traverse of the North Island. Word for Word Publishing. Retrieved March 2007. A red station-wagon full of elderly folk pulled up alongside me. Seeing I was obviously going tramping, a lady asked me 'Where was I going?' I replied 'for a walk down the road,'...  Check date values in: |access-date= (help)
  • A H REED – From East Cape to Cape Egmont On Foot at Eighty-six. 1st Edition 1962.

At age 86 A.H. Reed didn't take the difficult Raukumara Range Forest Park route, but followed the east coast beaches south, visiting coastal communities, before heading west inland. A great Kiwi feat none-the-less.

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